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HIV infection, antiretroviral treatment, ageing, and non-AIDS related morbidity

Author: zaza beruashvili

Hepatitis C molecular mechanisms and methods of treatment

Author: George Burjanadze
Co-authors: George Burjanadze
Keywords: Hepatitis C, Infectiouse Dieseases

Crown gall disease of important agricultural plants biocontrol methods and their application

Author: natela toklikishvili

The coleration of anticardiolipin antibodies and recurrent abortions

Author: Lali Chkhikvadze

Imaging cell biology in living organisms

Author: giorgi mosidze
Keywords: Cell Imaging, intravital microscopy

Effectiveness of Plaferon LB at the time of hemorrhagic shock

Author: salome kiparoidze

Changeis in Rat Brain Energy Metabolism under the social isolation and diurnal cycle violation

Author: George Burjanadze
Keywords: Social isolative stress, Brain, Mitochondria, Aldolase, Aconitase, Succinatdehidrogenase, Fumarase, Creatin kinase, Creatin, Energy metabolism

Reduced and Inverted sugars content and comparative analysis of the sparkling wines

Author: Giorgi Shatirishvili
Keywords: Reduced, Inverted, Sparkling wine

The Comparative Analysis of Phenol Compounds and Antioxidants in kvevri Wine and fabricated Wine

Author: Tamar Oniani
Keywords: Phenol compounds, Antioxidants, Wine

The compare analysis of Ag/Ab and Ab detection methods used in laboratory diagnostic of HIV infection

Author: Salome Shugladze
Keywords: AIDS, HIV infection, ELISA

Oral glucose tolerance test and Glycated hemoglobin relative characteristics of the metabolic syndrome

Author: nato zaridze
Keywords: glikozirebuli hemoglobini, diabeti

The Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses of Bioactive compounds in Persimmon (Diospyros kaki)

Author: Dimitri Papukashvili
Keywords: Persimmon, astringent, phenol compounds

A Comparative Analysis of Wines and Portwines During the Different Stages of Aging

Author: Nino Rcheulishvili
Keywords: Wine, portwine, volatile acidity, total acidity, total SO2, free SO2, density.

Lipid metabolism disorders in laboratory diagnosis

Author: salome tsereteli
Keywords: lipidebi, qolesterini, lipidebis metabolizmi

Comparative analysis of a typical range of organic acids and counterfeit wines

Author: Salome Tsitaishvili

The laboratory analysis and compare characteristics of haemostasis in the different age groups and pregnant women.

Author: sesili tsereteli
Keywords: Hemostasis, koagulograma

Identification of the pathogenic Fusarium species from the seedlings of peach, cherry and plum using genetic markers

Author: Teona Solomnishvili

Wine industry Waste and Pollution Prevention in the light of ISO 14001

Author: tamuna kristesiashvili
Keywords: ISO 14001, Wine Company, environmental management system, waste, pollution, reduce pollution

The micronucleus assay for to estimate genotoxicity

Author: Mariam Osepashvili
Keywords: The micronucleus assay, Melphalan, Carmustine, Cisplatin, Etopozide

Distribution isolation and characterization of V.cholerae specific bacteriophages in aquatic area of Georgia

Author: Tinatin Elbakidze

Heavy metal contaminated wastewater treatment via microalgae

Author: Elene Kakabadze
Keywords: Biosorbtion, toxic and heavy metals, Chlorella emersonii, wastewater, water treatment, bioremediation, environment, microalgae

Influence of flavonoids from Georgian endemic grape species "Saperavi" on cholinergic and glutamatergic dysfunction caused behavioral and memory disruption in hippocampus

Author: George Vashalomidze
Co-authors: Kurasbediani M., Doreulee N.
Keywords: Flavonoids, Hippocampus, Behavior, Memory

Study of Lactic acid bacteria from fermented product and the characterization of proteolityc and antimicrobial activities of these isolates

Author: Irakli Janashia
Co-authors: Khatuna Makalatia
Keywords: LAB, proteolysis, bacteriocins

Hippocampus associated with memory and behavioral disorders piratsetamisa and comparative analysis of the effects of Saperavi flavonoids

Author: zaza beruashvili
Co-authors: Nana Doreulee

The role of allosteric modulation of mGluR on behavioral changes induced by ketamine model of schizophrenia

Author: Tsira Kapanadze
Co-authors: Nanumi Doreulee
Keywords: schizophrenia, mGluR

Increased PARP-1levels in nuclear matrix isolated from heat shock treated rat liver

Author: Margarita Karapetian
Keywords: PARP-1, nuclear matrix, heat shock

Vibrio parahaemolyticus-specific bacteriophages as a potential preparation for treatment and prevention

Author: Ana Tskhvediani
Keywords: Bacteria, bacteriophage

The role of epithelial polarity factors in Drosophila flight muscle development

Author: Tsotne Chitiashvili
Keywords: Drosophila, epithelial polarity factors, flight muscles, muscle development

Aberrations inFunctional Activity and Immunophenotype of Antigen-Presenting Cells in B – Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Author: Tamar Tsertsvadze
Keywords: B-Chronic limphocyte leukemia, Toll like receptor, 180

A study of specific stimulation-induced response in B-chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cell line - MEC1 cells

Author: rusudan chankotadze
Keywords: Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, CD180, Toll like receptors


Author: Nino Mitaishvili
Keywords: Reporter phage, Y. pseudotuberculosis, luminescence

A study of non-specific stimulation-induced response in B-chronich lymphocytic leukaemia cell line - MEC1 cells

Author: salome oqriashvili
Keywords: Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, Toll like receptors, CD180

Spread of the Foodborne Pathogens and Food Safety

Author: Natia Tamarashvili
Keywords: Foodborne diseases, Campylobacter

The correlation between qualitative HBsAg tests and PCR of Hepatitis B virus

Author: Varden Jijiashvili

Comparative analysis of heavy metals in organic and non-organic wines, from west and east Georgia.

Author: Merab Zukhbaia
Keywords: Heavy metals, Organic wine, Atomic absorption spectroscopy

"Influence of flavonoids from Georgian endemic grape species Saperavi on hippocampal related plasticity in laboratory white rats"

Author: Mariami Kurasbediani
Co-authors: nanuli doreuli

Factors polluting the enviroment and perspective of using methods of bioremediation

Author: tamuna samadashvili

General characterization of lectins and  galactose specific lectins

Author: ketevan chubinidze
Keywords: lectins, galectins, carbohydrate

The modification of chromatin of old individuals by peptide bioregulators

Author: Maia Gaiozishvili
Keywords: Aging, bioregulators, heterochromatinization

The Influence of Endogenous Protein Complex on on the proliferative activity of adult rat pancreas cells

Author: Nnatia Lipartia
Keywords: Thermostable Protein Complex, Proliferative activity, Regeneration of Pancreas.

Changes of GAD65/67 and GABA positive cells quantity in condition of halothane anesthezia with midazolam premedication in rat hyppocampus

Author: nino bedineishvili
Keywords: halothane anesthezia, premedication

Determination of effectiveness of bioresonance therapy on regeneration processes of cardiac muscle in condition of acute myocardial infarction

Author: salome avkopashvili
Keywords: myocardial infarction, bioresonance therapy

Studying the genome instability in patient with tuberculosis

Author: Ketevan Rubanovi
Keywords: Tuberculosis, Chromosome, Genome instability.

fast-food and health

Author: Natela Meliqidze

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