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Geodinamic of The pool of river Dzirula

Author: besiki tkemaladze

GIS analysis of Alazan River basin spontaneous processes

Author: qeTevan bibilashvili
Keywords: Alazani, mudflows, landslides

Research of water object's water balance elements in wetland areas

Author: zaza gulashvili

Authorship In Cartography

Author: giga kochlamazashvili

Influence of anthropogenic factors on global climate changes

Author: Khatuna Gogidze
Keywords: Anthropogenic, climate, change.

Karst Caves of Georgia and it’s Perspectives

Author: Lasha Asanidze
Keywords: Speleology, Karst processes, Caves, Geomorphology.

Landscapes of sensitiuorbis shepasseba complex (exampleof Georgia)

Author: nikoloz sopadze

Relief Mtskheta – Mountains region and geodynamic processes

Author: elisabedi avaliani

The geodynamic processes of the pool of the river Rioni in the scope of Racha

Author: salome tabatadze

Landscape natural-resource potential

Author: Liana Khandolishvili
Co-authors: Liana Khandolishvili
Keywords: agricultural potential, Biological potential, Energetic potential

Modern methods of Morfological research among the soils of Kvemo Kartly

Author: elene nikolaishvili
Co-authors: E.Nikolaishvili
Keywords: Soil, Morfologia

The Glacio-Geomorphological Study of the Glaciers of the Tergi River Basin on the Background of Modern Climate Change and Evolution of Glaciations Late Pleistocene and Holocene

Author: Levan Tielidze
Keywords: Dynamic of Glaciers, Climate Change

Integrated Water Resources Management

Author: Nino Tkhilava
Keywords: water, resources, management

Nature profit and environment defence problems of chaitura’s region

Author: berika beridze
Keywords: mining region, landscape, natural environment, ecological situation, nature profit

Public Participation in Environmental Decision-making

Author: Nino Gokhelahsvili
Keywords: Environment protection, public participation, decision-making.

Development of Disaster Assessment, Prognosis and Control Systems in the Upper Part of the River Rioni (including the River Tskhenistskali)

Author: Otar Kurtsikidze

“Soil fruitfulness and its role for sustainable agricultural development (on the model of Georgia)”

Author: salome lomidze
Co-authors: Salome Lomidze
Keywords: Soil fruitfulness, ecological agriculture

Imereti landscape-ecological analysis and Issues of rational nature management

Author: Bekari Tsignadze
Keywords: 2. Anthropogenic-landscape analyses 3. The analyses of rational nature management actual topics

Prospects of Urban Drainage Systems Sustainability

Author: Zurab Jikia
Keywords: Ecology, Hydrology, Sustainable Development

The agricultural lands GIS mapping of kakheti

Author: Giga Beridze

Water balance of Shaori – Tkibuli reservoir

Author: khatia chokheli
Keywords: Water Balance, Shaori reservoir, Tkibuli reservoir

Geoinformational cartographyng of Georgia-Azerbaijan border

Author: Roena Mosidze

Developping new tourist route and making cartography and Gis analisis of Upper SvaneTi

Author: shavleg urushadze

Anthropological transformation of Adjara's relief

Author: niko pavliashvili

Gis analysis and making cartography of viticulture and winery of Imereti region

Author: tea eradze

Geodynamics process and relief region of Samtskhe-javakheti

Author: tornike samxaradze
Keywords: relief, process

Water Supply of Rioni River and Related Hydro-ecological Problems

Author: irakli arsenidze
Keywords: solid sediments, agricultural water complex, anthropogenic influence

Hydro-ecological Peculiarities of Samgori Reservoir (Tbilisi Sea)

Author: demuri tsabadze
Keywords: recreation, hydro-ecology, Tbilisi reservoir.

Influence of anthropogenic factors on flow of riv. Enguri

Author: Tamaz Pavladze
Keywords: River flow, hydropower, water quality

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