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The geodynamic processes of the pool of the river Rioni in the scope of Racha

Author: salome tabatadze

Annotation Topic’s actuality: Rioni river basin on the Upper Racha under the present manifestation of young tectonic movements in the scene, the are added geological and geomorphological features. Here developed almost all kinds of dangerous geodynamic processes: landslides, mudslides, snow avalanches, erosion, floods, and more. Because of intensive development of natural processes, environmental factors, together with (relipis difficulties, geological structure, tectonic movements, precipitation, etc.) caused by human industrial - engineering activities. Periodic activation of the disaster pose a threat to the population, destroying the land plots. Goals and Objectives. The objective is to evaluate the situation after 1991 there was an old landslide and earthquake consequences if the new seats. The object of the research - Geodynamic processes in the upper basin of the Rioni River. Study examined - The field of materials and treatments evaluation Geo-ecological conditions of the area. The study results. As a result of our research in terms of active and dangerous manifestations of geodynamic processes in the areas of assessment and appropriate recommendations.

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მდინარე რიონის აუზის ზემო წელის გეოდინამიკური პროცესები [ka]

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