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Anthropological transformation of Adjara's relief

Author: niko pavliashvili

Annotation The area of Achara region belongs to the part of the country, which is in the zone of natural - anthropogenic processes. The generation and activation of these processes and social - economic problems caused by them have reached the limits of the ecological crisis. A different kind of dangerous geological processes are developed here: landslides, erosion, torrents, snow avalanches, and sea-washed coasts. These processes annually damages to the region's population and economic - engineering properties and the human sacrifices are not rarely. In conditions of extreme development of the processes the damage is determined by a million lari Because of extreme limit of land-use in region exploring of the new areas is going on engineering - geodynamical dangerous area. This factor increases the risk of activation of dangerous geological processes and decreases the area of land suitable for agriculture. It is established that the arable land has been reduced three times during the last thirty years. The unsystematic land-using caused a high anthropogenization of the diverse landscape and the irreversible disruption was began in geological environment. Because of the changes and activation of geologic processes Achara region is in the high-risk area of the frequent recurrence of natural disasters in Georgia. One of the most important determinant of such intensive activation of the natural disaster processes, simultaneously complicated relief and climatic condition, is extremely high human pressure on the environment. This is due to the fact that the protection of Achara region population from natural disaster geological processes and engineering - agricultural facilities safe operation is the most important social-economic problem of the sustainable development of region. It is necessary holding geomonitoring measures on the active areas of Achara region to avoid the disaster. This means to be certain the nature and development of all dangerous geologic processes to ensure an accurate prediction of these processes. The detailed engineering - geological field work must be conducted on these areas, for the purposes of effective protection from natural disasters to occur and to carry out measures that will eliminate the risk factor.

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აჭარის რელიეფის ანთროპოგენული ტრანსფორმაცია [ka]
აჭარის რელიეფის ანთროპოგენური ტრანსფორმაცია [ka]

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