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Study the stubility of Drug deliver nanoparticles and their complexes with DNA in the different environmental conditions.

Author: eka shekiladze
Keywords: Nanoparticles, Dendrimer

Electron density oscillations around impurity centers in quasi-one dimensional conductors

Author: Mariami Rusishvili


Author: ana kalichava

Adaptations of the microorganisms to extremal physical-chemical conditions. hypothesis of panspermia

Author: Giorgi Tskhovrebovi
Co-authors: Giorgi Tskhovrebovi
Keywords: panspermia

ATLAS experiment Hadron calorimeter Observations and Data Analysis System

Author: Irakli Minashvili

ATLAS experiment hadronic calorimeter power supply system stability analysis via Detector Control System

Author: Tengizi Bokuchava

The Sine-Gordon equation in classical mechanic and field theory

Author: khatia sharia

perturbation of very low frequency electromagnetic waves in earth-ionosphere waveguide

Author: Nino Kvavadze

Basic elements of supersymmetric quantum mechanics


technology treatment of super thin dielectrical plates receiving

Author: jvebe shengelia

The technology of circuit elements

Author: alexander sibashvili

Dependence of Bacterial growth rate on various biological and physical factors

Author: elene lomadze
Keywords: bacteria, phage, MIC

Ultrasound and its using in medicine

Author: irakli maisuradze

Study of stability of G4 Dendrimer and DNA complexes by calorimetric method

Author: Mariami Shubitidze
Keywords: DNA, Dendrimer

alternative energy

Author: irakli lomidze


Author: giorgi nevsky

Study of the thermal effects caused by Electromagnetic exposure

Author: Mariam Tsverava

Practical application of the sistems with distributed parameters.

Author: Beka Poniava

The integrated and non integrated methods of studing of a science at middle school

Author: revazi kutelia
Keywords: Science, integrated, teaching

Backscattering method

Author: revazi kutelia
Keywords: Ruserford, impurity, massive, film

Developing methods for rapid synthesis of high-temperature superconductors

Author: Jarji Khmaladze

Transient magnetorotational instability in rotating shear flows of plasma

Author: davit kaladze
Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamics, plasma shear flow, instability, turbulence

Soliton Acoustic and Magneto Acoustic Waves in Weakly Ionized Plasma

Author: Giorgi Getsadze

Nanosize Dielectric Films

Author: Zurab Kushitashvili
Keywords: Plasma, Anodizing

Research on free radicals by the method of Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) and skin protection from ultraviolet radiation

Author: ia begiashvili
Keywords: pheomelanin, eumelanin, method of EPR.

P-modes in the liquid cores of the Earth and terrestrial planets

Author: Luka Tsiskarishvili

Investigation of Mobile Phone Influence on Human Model

Author: Lali Bibilashvili

Formation of Jets of Protostellar Thin Disks

Author: Dimitri Javrishvili
Keywords: Astrophysical Jets, Young Stellar Objects

Radiation of Changed Particle Moving with Acceleration

Author: ucha chutkerashvili

Blood proteins

Author: huleimata mamedova

Electronic Structure of Core-shell ZnO/ZnMgO Multi-quantum well Nanowires with Arbitrary Well Numbers

Author: Shota Garuchava

Paper Based Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Interferential Mirror for New Kind of Reflective Displays

Author: Nino Ponjavidze
Keywords: liquid crystal, liquid crystal displays


Author: Zurab Kushitashvili
Keywords: Ultraviolet, photoresist

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