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The study of diffusion processes in solid bodies

Author: giorgi kharkheli

Processing of non-traditional technologies for produce solar cells

Author: giorgi dadunashvili

Fast Simulation of Automotive Capacitive Sensor with Quasi-Electrostatic Approach

Author: Giga Gabriadze
Co-authors: D.Karkashadze, E.Yavolovskaya, A.Gheonjian, R.Jobava
Keywords: Quasi-electrostatic approach, Method of Moments, Adaptive Cross Approximation

Analysis of impedance 3D surface using Rapid RLC solver

Author: Irina Oganezova

Dispersion, High-Frequency and Power Characteristics AlN/GaN MISFETs with in-situ Si3N4

Co-authors: Dimitris Pavlidis
Keywords: AlN, AlN/GaN MISFET, AlN/GaN HFET, Wide-bandgap, frequency-dispersion

Investigation of Transfer Impedance of EV/HV Power Cables

Author: Giorgi Maghlakelidze
Keywords: Transfer Impedance, Fourier Series, electrical vehicle, shielded power cables, crosstalk, field scattering

near subsurface for a number of models of objects Georadiolocation model

Author: Giorgi Tskhvediashvili

Investigation and Optimization of Planar and Printed Antennas

Author: Tamar Makharashvili
Keywords: Microstrip patch antenna, rectangular patch antenna, wideband and U-slot antennas, log-periodic printed dipole array antenna, frequency notch.

Computational Modeling of TLH Coaxial Sensor for Investigation of Shielding Effectiveness

Author: Teona Jobava

Study of Ultra-Wideband Antennas with FVTD/DGTD Methods

Author: Diana Eremyan
Keywords: UWB antennas, FVTD DGTD methods, simulation

WiTricity-wireless electricity

Author: guram chaganava
Co-authors: Tornike Chikadze
Keywords: System own oscillating frequency, Highly frequency electromagnetic field, Magnetic resonance, Magnetic coupling, Quality factor of the resonator, Figure-of-merit of the resonator, Mutual inductance, Specific absorption rate(SAR)

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