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Uniform convergence of partial sums of Fourier-Vilenkin series

Author: gvantsa shavardenidze
Keywords: partial sum, uniform convergence, Fourier-Vilenkin series

Thir symetric cohomology group characterization with crossed-module extensions

Author: Ilia Nanobashvili

The presentation of number with quadratic forms

Author: Giorgi Julakidze
Keywords: Quadratic

On Oscillatory Properties of Solutions of Functional Differential Equations

Author: nino maraneli

Some approximate solutions of singular integral equation method Colocation

Author: Zviadi Kalichava

Some fundamental topics in the theory of real-valued functions and their applications in harmonic analysis

Author: Giorgi Gognadze
Keywords: Maximal function, distribution functions, singular integrals

Nontrivial Point Sets on the Real Line

Author: Mariam Beriashvili
Keywords: Point Sets, Axiom of Choice, Continuum Hypothesis, Martin's Axiom

Maximal Functions and their Applications in Harmonical analysis

Author: Natalia Nebulishvili

About resolution ob one nonlocal boundary value problem bor Laplace oquation

Author: nana shelia

Ergodic maximal function and it's applications

Author: Giorgi Rukhaia
Keywords: Ergodic thory, katz theorem, Ergodic maximal function, Ergodic maximal theorem, main Ergodic theorem

Parametric hypotheses and statistical conclusions for two samples tasks

Author: maia bobokhidze

Variation formulas of solution for two delay parameters functional differential equation with the continuous initial condition

Author: natia gigauri

Dirichlet,Neumann and Mixed boundary value problems for Helmholtz equation in a planar domains with angular points at the boundary

Author: Medea Tsaava
Keywords: Helmholtz equation, Boundary value problems, Mixed boundary condition, Potential methods, Boundary integral equations, Fredholm criteria, Symbol, Banach algebra of operators, Mellin convolution equations, Meromorphic kernels. Bessel potential spaces.

On the Positive Solutions of Discrete Equations in Infinite Interval

Author: Tamta Tsutsunava

Numerical methods for first order hyperbolic equations

Author: Tamari Janelidze
Keywords: numerical method, hyperbolic equation, approximation

On the approximation of periodic functions by trigonometric polynomials in some new function spaces

Author: nina danelia

new method of constructing compact wavelet functions

Author: Beka Ergemlidze

non-abelian tenzor product of groups

Author: Giorgi Arabidze

Kernel density estimations and plug-in integral functional

Author: Giorgi Narimanidze

Polynomial Matrix Functions and Compact Wavelets

Author: Nika Salia
Keywords: Wavelet matrices, paraunitary matrix polynomials, Winer-Hopf factorization, Wavelet matrix completion algorithm, spectral factorization, matrix decomposition.

Linear topological spaces

Author: valeri berikashvili
Keywords: Topological space; open set; closed set; neighborhood; net; compact set

On The Maximal Operators Of Nörlund Means Of One And Two Dimensional Walsh-Fourier And Kachzmarz-Fourier Series

Author: George Tephnadze
Co-authors: 0
Keywords: Nörlund means, Walsh system, Kachzmarz system

The boundary value problems of steady vibration problems in the linear theory of thermoviscoelasticity for Kelvin-Voigt materials

Author: Maia Svanadze

Integral method for approximate solution of problem movement in the boundary layer of a non-Newtonian conducting fluid

Author: Khatuna Mshvenieradze

General overview of basics informatiology

Author: Khatuna Mshvenieradze

Sobolev Spaces on Metric Spaces

Author: Nino Samashvili

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